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What is the child's reading level? If you dont know, please select what year of schooling they are in. If they are above average reader, please choose 1 grade above. If they are struggling readers (dont worry, theyll get there) , please choose 1 below. The idea of this question is to help us get an idea of what books we should be sending you.

Boy Books? Girl Books? Both?

This question is to prevent us from sending princess books to boys who dont want them, or booger books to girls who dont want them. Its our way of making sure we are sending you more of what you like and less of what you dont. If you dont mind princess books, and monster truck books, thats fine, please choose both

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Please select all that apply, this will give us an even greater undertanding of the types of books you would like to see in your box. We will do our best to not send you books on things you are not interested in, as well as to continue to send you books on topics that you ARE interested in

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